RME Fireface 800
Motu 8a
Focusrite 2i4
Purple Audio Sweet Ten
4x Hairball Audio Neve preamp
FMR Really Nice Preamp
Slate VMS-one preamp
Alan Smart c2 compressor
countryman type 85 DI
Amphion One18 Monitors
Amphion amp500 amp
AKG k240ii headphones
ATH m50 headphones x2
EX-29 Extreme Isolation Headphones
Akai lpk25 midi keyboard

1x Slate VMS
1x Shure sm7b
2x Shure sm58
4x Shure sm57
2x Shure vintage beta 57
2x Shure ksm32
1x Shure beta91a
1x Audio Technica atm25
2x SE voodoo vr1 ribbon
2x Michael Joly km184 clone
1x advanced audio c12 clone

guitar gear
Paul Reed Smith Archon Fifty head
2×12 cabinet w/ greenbacks
palmer pdi-03
Ibanez ts808
decimator G string
LTD EC1000t with evertune and dimarzio titans
LTD bw1 with evertune
LTD te254 with evertune
Fender American Deluxe Jazz bass

drum gear
DW Collectors 24″ kick
Gretsch Brooklyn 10″, 12″, 16″
Ddrum maple dios 10″, 12″, 14″, 20″
ddrum Diatribe 10″, 12″, 16″, 22″
Ludwig Black Beauty 14×6.5 snare drum
Drumcraft Bell Brass 14×6.5 snare drum
Oriollo Bellmaker Bell bronze/bell brass 14×6.5 snare drum
Custom Treebronze Bell bronze/bell brass 14×6.5 snare drum
custom 10 ply 14×8 maple snare drum
custom 20 ply maple 12×7 snare drum
dw 9000 hat stand/ double pedal
Pearl 1000 series hardware
8″ diril bell
8″ diril splash
7″ stagg bell
9″ K hybrid splash
14.25″ k hybrid hats
16″ vintage A crash
16″ wuhan china
18″ stagg china
18″ A custom crash
18″ oriental china trash
19″ aaxtreme chinese
20″ A custom crash
21″ Armand ride
22″ meinl byzance crash